PT-14 .

3/8 " / 3/8 " / 2 1/4 " / 3/8 "




2 1/4 "
5.7 cm

Gentleman Leg
Breeches or Breeks (Scots) were pants ending just below the knee - thus commonly referred to as knee breeches. They were commonly worn from the late 16th century until the early 19th century, most men and boys wore breeches as their lower body garment. Through the centuries breeches were seen in many forms and lengths. In the early 18th century breeches were barely seen beneath long waistcoats and coats. By the mid 18th century they were more noticeable beneath shorter waistcoats and open coats, and so the cut of breeches became tighter and revealed the shape of the leg. This handsome gent s leg tamper shows off a good bit of leg. It is reproduced from a period tamp that came from an English antiquarian. This pipe tamper stands 2 1/4 inches high. A timeless piece and so great to use. Good base size for most pipes.

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