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Meerschaum User Bill Brassard
Meerschaum Comments I just purchased my very first Meerschaums from you! I picked out the mini's as I do not typically have a lot of time to sit and enjoy a long smoke. These pipes are Beautiful! I can see now why they are truly works of Art. I am going to get some bigger ones soon for those times I can actually sit and relax. Shipping was fast, next business day and were delivered to me 2 days later. Thank you so much and I look forward to being a long time customer!
Meerschaum Date 16-03-2018
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Meerschaum User Steve Novotny
Meerschaum Comments These pipes are beautiful and smoke very well. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing. Their service and professionalism are top notch. Do yourself s favor and buy yourself a beautiful and smokeable work of art!
Meerschaum Date 25-01-2018
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Meerschaum User Randy B [E-Mail Hidden]
Meerschaum Comments This is now more than a half-dozen times I've bought from The pipes are top-quality and the best prices I've seen anywhere. Shipping is almost instantaneous. No better source for your Meers. Period!
Meerschaum Date 27-11-2017
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Meerschaum User Vinnie C. [E-Mail Hidden]
Meerschaum Comments My classic standard SOLID BLOCK Meerschaum pipe arrived just as pictured with case in less time than stated. Smokes well. You are not going to fine a quality pipe like this cheaper anywhere. I will buy another pipe from here. Great value
Meerschaum Date 30-05-2017
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Meerschaum User Stephen T. [E-Mail Hidden]
Meerschaum Comments Excellent pipe at an excellent price. I was skeptical about the price being low, but decided to give it a try anyway. The person I contacted (Alex) assured me of the quality of their pipes. I am glad I did go with it and I owe them this review. I have already smoked my classic large lattice over ten times and love it. Do not be mislead by cheaper pipes elsewhere which are made of fake meerschaum (meerschaum dust and adhesives), which have no functionality like a block meerschaum. I don't think there is any company who can compete with AND Meerschaum on the combination of price and quality.
Meerschaum Date 11-05-2017
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Meerschaum User Joe
Meerschaum Comments WOW. I ordered a "classic large lattice" and the pipe is even more beautiful on arrival than in the picture. The first smoke was better than expected and as enjoyable as in my older meerschaum. Very happy I found your site and your pipes.
Meerschaum Date 16-03-2017
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Meerschaum User mike blanchard
Meerschaum Comments received my new pipe in a record 4 days. completely happy. the stem twists a little loose, otherwise it is a great pipe with an unbelievable price (got a large smooth bowl.
Meerschaum Date 07-03-2017
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Meerschaum User Frank Locklear [E-Mail Hidden]
Meerschaum Comments Great service, value and selection. Do not waste money shopping elsewhere!
Meerschaum Date 28-02-2017
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Meerschaum User Dave G. [E-Mail Hidden]
Meerschaum Comments Order was filled very quicky. Pipe arrived in mint condition, and appeared to be very well made. As this is my first meerschaum, I don't have any basis for comparison, but I consider this to be an extremely good value. I am enjoying the meer experience!
Meerschaum Date 20-02-2017
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Meerschaum User pcbg
Meerschaum Comments Greetings from Gdl México. Excelent buy. Ordered two standards and they deliver. The price and value ratio like no other. I had my doubts but took the chance, and man, there is nothing to worry about.
Meerschaum Date 16-02-2017
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