Classic Calabash

Click on the picture to see a full image. The given size indicates the approximate height of the bowl section from outside. Please note that the base of HC models are made of wood, not African gourd. The sizes indicate the approximate length(L), height(H), chamber width(W) and chamber depth(D) of the pipe.

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Classic Calabash Smo Classic Calabash Smo Classic Calabash Smo HC-1
H:  3 3/4'' (9.5 cm)
L:  7 1/8'' (18 cm)
W:  1 '' (2.4 cm)
D:  1 3/8'' (3.5 cm)
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All AND Meerschaum pipes are individually hand carved from high quality Eskisehir block meerschaum and come in a custom made fitted case.